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The Everyday Weight Loss Podcast

Practical, simple weight loss advice for real people to use everyday. No fads. No tricks. No criticism. Just long-term, life-changing advice to create lasting habits and weight loss that sticks.

About Everyday Weight Loss

The world is filled with thousands of diets, workout plans, special “weight loss” products, and short-lived fads, so what makes EWL different? 

First, we aren’t trying to sell you anything. There’s no subscription service, book, shake, or anything else for you buy. We just want to help.

Second, we are all about sharing what has worked for us. Daniel’s loss of over 120 pounds changed his life, but living there for over ten years is the part that so m any people miss. Real, lasting weight loss doesn’t happen in a flash, but requires developing new habits and attitudes that can be maintained for the rest of your life.

Daniel King

Daniel King



Introducing “Everyday Weight Loss” – a podcast for everyone who wants a healthier lifestyle that can be maintained for a lifetime.

Episode 058: Choosing the right diet for you

Episode 58Episode 058: Choosing the right diet for you       Episode 058: Choosing the right diet for you Email:   EWL Instagram:       EWL Facebook page:  ...

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